Tales from the bottom of Dave Jones’ locker

Hello ya ol’ land-, sea lubbers and Scallywags,

You can call me:

a modern Day’s  or a modern Day’s 

I’m a professional Sailor from Holland, after many years @ sea & Living 7 years in Greece & 1/2 year in Hammamed, Tunisia, I settled down in Germany. Since Februari 2013 i’m back in my homecountry “The Netherlands”In this Blog you can follow my (upcoming) travels onboard a Dutch Tallship. When the global infrastructure (read mobile networks..) allow me I will post updates here, Please check regularly my recent links on your right hand side for updates —–>>

*** Here you will find info over-,  and all the participating ships of the Lycamobile Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta 2013 ***

+++ Here you can find links to general Sail training information & Environmental Groups that i support +++
+++ Here you can find detailed information about Tallship “Gulden Leeuw”

+++ Here you can find out where we are right now +++
+++ For bookings and info click on the
Company site +++

I hope to see you soon on board and/or that you enjoy reading my Blog,

Your scallywag,

 Franck Bootsma


Dare you ol' scallywag, don't ya send me back to Davey Jones' locker... For Loveletters & Rum drinking invitations i promote you !!

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